Darrah and Tony's house wedding was truly a special day, held in the picturesque garden of the bride's aunt's house. Weather was a bit overcast, but it was a perfect day filled with beauty and love.

What made this wedding even more unique was that the couple's family took on the task of decorating everything themselves, adding a personal touch to every corner. The color palette they chose for the wedding was absolutely stunning, setting a beautiful and harmonious atmosphere for the celebration. 

Experience the magic of a bride's getting ready moments, filled with laughter and bridesmaid support.

Feel the anticipation build in a heartwarming first look,

capturing genuine joy and emotions shared with close companions.

The groom's getting ready experience is a canvas of joy, laughter,

and heartfelt connections with friends and family. Join us as we journey through the carefully crafted details and spontaneous moments that make this behind-the-scenes look truly unforgettable.

The Romantic First Look with Your Favorite Background Music

Your first look is an intimate and unforgettable moment that deserves to be framed with the perfect soundtrack. By choosing your favorite background music, you not only enhance the romantic atmosphere but also create a timeless memory that will be cherished for a lifetime.

The most adorable moment of the day was when their beloved furry baby, Annie,

held a special wooden board that said, 'My humans are finally getting married,'

and joyfully joined them for a heartwarming photo.


A particularly touching and unforgettable moment occurred when both grandfathers took on the role of ring bearers, adding a special and heartfelt touch to the day that everyone will cherish as a lasting memory.

One standout feature of this wedding was its relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

House weddings have a unique charm, and when everything takes place in one location, it allows everyone to savor the moment without rushing through the day. As a videographer and photographer team, having enough time to set up cameras and capture the essence of the day was the most important aspect.

The bride and her mother, inspired by "Mamma Mia," shared special memories that added a unique touch to their journey.

During the reception, a surprise dance extravaganza made the day unforgettable, filling it with joy.

We felt fortunate to capture these heartfelt moments, creating a truly inspiring wedding story.


Wedding Video & Photo Re-Moment

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